After This
Chad Johnson
May 14, 2010

After this lived Job an hundred and forty years, and saw his sons, and his sons’ sons, even four generations. Job 42:16 KJV

We have finally come to the end of Job’s sorrow. The Lord turned Job’s captivity. Job has finally reached that blessed happy place of rest. God gave Job twice as much as before. The Bible says that we can gain through our losses. We may not gain material losses, but there are spiritual gains that will no doubt double. Our text verse says, “After this” with “this” being in reference to all the great sorrow Job went through. I’m so glad there is life after the trial. Now let’s look at what happened. “After this,” Job lived 140 years. I am sure as each year passed, the memory of his captivity got dimmer and dimmer. God gave this man, who at times was nigh unto death, two more, three score and ten. This is double what number the word of God speaks of in the book of Psalms. Job died old. He was blessed with a long life after his tribulation. It may seem now, child of God, that it will never end. Oh, someday it will. God may see fit to give you many more years. Job also died full of days. After his trial when he had lost all here on Earth, he still died full. The saints of God may lose material things, but we will die full of eternal things. So, we must remember that even when God lifts His hand, we are still in His hand. I am glad that God turned Job’s captivity and Chad Johnson’s also. Praise His Holy Name. Amen.