Comfort From the Future
Chad Johnson
April 9, 2010

Because thou shalt forget they misery, and remember it as waters that pass away. Job 11:16 KJV

Zophar finally gives Job some words of hope and comfort. He tells Job that he will forget his misery. All of the saints of God deal with misery. It may come in many different forms. One thing is for sure, they will come in all our lives. Some years are full of misery, but most are a mixture of misery and happiness. It is in times of great misery that we learn to trust in the Savior. Our text says that we will forget our misery. What a great blessing from our great Father to be able to forget our misery. How sad would our lives be if we did not forget some things. Time is a great healer and so is forgetfulness. The text also says when we do have a flash back it will be as water that passes away.

There is a creek right behind my house. Each time it rains I sit on the patio and listen to the water as it runs town the creek. The water that crosses the bridge is just there a moment. Not long after it crosses the bridge, it is miles down the creek. So it is with our misery. It is here for a while, but then it moves and soon passes away as the water. Our future is indeed bright because the saved are heading to a land that is fairer than day.