God the Wonder Worker
Chad Johnson
June 17, 2011

"To him who alone doeth great woders: for his mercy endureth forever." Psalms 136:4 KJV

The Psalmist here is giving great honor and praise to God. He tells us that God doeth great wonders.

The word wonder means things that are difficult, too high, hard, marvelous, a miracle. That is exactly what God does. He specializes in things that are humanly impossible.

Our text tells us that God and God alone does great wonders. God does not need mortal man to accomplish His will. He alone works among man. God alone has done great wonders.

God did a great wonder in creation. He made the heavens and the Earth out of nothing. He spoke things into existence. God alone did this. The heavens declare the glory and power of God.

God did a great wonder when he parted the Red Sea. God alone did this. The Bible is full of the wonders of God. Godís wonders are not things of the past only, but He is doing great wonders now.

No doubt right now God is calling some sinner to repentence. Of all the miracles and wonders of God, there is no greater than salvation. That God can take a man who is spiritually dead in sins and make him alive is a wonder.

When God does a wonder of grace on a sinner, it is a work that only God can do.

The wonders of God are eternal and everlasting. When God performs wonders, they remain. Those of you who are not saved, come to the wonder worker. Amen!