How Firm a Foundation
Chad Johnson
May 28, 2011

I will liken him unto a wise man, which built his house upon a rock. Matthew 7:24 KJV

The first part of this verse Jesus tells them that He likens one who hears and doeth His word is a wise man.

It is not enough to be a hearer of the word, but also a doer of the word.

I used to say that people need to take preaching, but that is not enough. We must apply the preached word to our hearts. we know that the foundation that must be be built on is Jesus Christ the chief cornerstone. We can also apply this principle to those who are truly saved.

There are many saved people who have never really built their Christian lives upon the solid foundation of bible reading, prayer, righteous living, walking in the Spirit, being faithful to the things of God, and separating themselves from the things of this world. When the storms of life and temptations come their lives, family and home will all come crashing down.

The only way a saved person can have strength, blessing, peace and a victorious life is to be a doer of Godís word and build on the solid foundation of Jesus Christ. Our lives as Christians will never be strong for the Lord unless we are doing the word, not only with our mouth, but our deeds also.