Irresistible Grace
Chad Johnson
November 11, 2011

"Ye stiff necked and uncircumcised in heart and ears, ye do always resist the Holy Ghost." Acts 7:51 KJV

The doctrine of irresistible grace is often misunderstood and even perverted.

To say that a man does not resist the Holy Ghost when He comes convicting of sin would not be a true statement. When the Spirit of God begins the good work of conviction, our old nature will fight it to the death. Man does have a free will, however that free will is in bondage to our depraved nature.

Unless God breaks our will and makes us willing to repent and gives us the gift of faith, we would not and could not be saved. A man is not saved against his will, but is made willing by the work of the Holy Ghost.

Our text tells us ye do always resist the Holy Ghost.

Man will always resist God until God makes him willing. Christ came not into the world to do the will of God on the cross and finish the work of redemption and then leave it up to men to be saved. One of the greatest proofs of Christís power is not that He offers salvation, not that He bids you to take it if you will, but that when you reject it, when you hate it, He has the power to change your mind and heart and make you willing in the day of His power. If grace is not irresistible, then none would be saved. Salvation is by grace alone. Amen!