It's About the Cross
Chad Johnson
December 31, 2009

And, having made peace through the blood of His cross, by Him to reconcile all things unto himself. Colossians 1:20 KJV

This past Lordís day at our church, a group of our young people sang a song entitled, ďItís About the Cross.Ē I know we usually think of Christís birth this time of year, however, I want us to think on His death. God help us to stand in awe when we survey the wondrous cross. Oh how we should weep for joy as we picture the cross of Christ in our mind. It was on this cross that Christ suffered in our place. God save us from a dead, dry religion. The first thing I see in our texts is the satisfaction of God the Father in His Son Jesus. All that as needed to purchase our redemption was in Christ Jesus. God was well pleased with the sinless life and death of Jesus Christ. Also we see how man can have peace with God. It is through the blood of His cross. We cannot obtain this peace by good works and observing ordinances like water baptism and the Lordís supper. If you have peace today with God it is through the shed blood of Jesus Christ. Sin had us alienated from our God by our wicked works, but now we are reconciled. The proof of the true Christian is to continue in the things of God. He that began a good work in us will perform unto that day. So we see it is all about the Cross. Amen.