Some Things We Have Lost Through the Generations
Chad Johnson
September 23, 2011

"We have heard with our ears, O God, our fathers have told us, what work thou didst in their days, in the times of old." Psalms 44:1 KJV

We would all have to agree that this world is in a great moral decline. I am not implying that the sins that are prevalent in our day are a new thing. I am however saying that they are now out in the open and becoming more accepted every day. We now have two or three generations removed from moral absolutes.

I truly believe we can trace our moral decline back to World War II. The generation that fought the war were on average raised by both parents. The homes were more in biblical order. The father was the physical and spiritual provider and leader. The liberation movements have not liberated, but have put us in bondage.

Our text verse tells first that the fathers told their children the work that God had done unto and for them. Godly fathers will rehearse often the great works of sovereign God. Oh God, help us as men and fathers to not be closed mouthed about spiritual things to our children.

I have heard many a parent say I donít know where I went wrong with my children. They will tell how they always took them to church. My question to them is how often did you bring the teaching of the church home to them?

Biblical teaching at church can be torn down in a worldly home. The context of this scripture is the history of God driving the Canaanites out of Canaan. God placed Israel in the places once occupied by the enemy. Oh how fathers need to tell their children how God in grace and mercy came to the rescue in salvation.

Godly fathers should often talk of spiritual and physical provisions from the great God.

I challenge all saved men who read this to tell your children what God has done and is doing now. Amen.