The Parallel Between Christianity and Capitalism
Chad Johnson
November 25, 2011

"For even when we were with you, this we commanded you, that if any would not work, neither should he eat." II Thessalonians 3:10 KJV

We hear so much talk today of what is wrong with the economy in America. The upcoming Presidential election will be won by the person who can convince the American people that they have the answer to the economic crisis that we are in. Let me hasten to say that America is in the shape she is in tonight because we have left the God of scripture.

We claim to be a Christian nation, but we have really become a melting pot of religion that knows nothing of Biblical salvation. Until we repent form the White House to the poor manís house, we will not see any help from heaven.

America is going the way of all great nations. She is self-destructing from within.

When a nation forgets God, it is doomed to fall. The Bible tells us that all nations that forget God will be turned in to hell.

Our text addresses a problem that we have in our country. We have some who push a socialist agenda. It started during the Great Depression with Social Security. Take a look back in history at socialist nations. Nations who have this kind of government are usually nations that are anti-God.

Socialism is glorified stealing. It takes from one person against their will and gives to another. The word of God teaches against this and promotes freedom.

I know a man who lives in Canada. When he came here, he was amazed at how many churches we have in this country. In Canada, a socialist nation, churches are very few. However, the most alarming thing was the fact of how the people of Canada have no concept of God. In American, most people believe in the existence of God, but in Canada, you must approach spreading the gospel first by explaining that there is a God.

Capitalism, on the other hand, runs parallel to the word of God. Capitalism teaches, just as the Bible does, to work for, give, save and spend your money how you decide.

If a man can work and wonít, we should not give him a check and medical card. We should, however, let him starve and when he gets hungry, he will work.

Those who are not able to work also have a biblical way to receive help. First, their own families should take care of them. This was common practice in America prior to Social Security. Then the church should help in destitute cases. We have so come to trust in social programs that we are broke as a country.

So I pray that God would give us a leader that will cut social programs and promote work and capitalism. God help America to repent and return to the God of our founding fathers. Amen!