The Reality of Hell
Chad Johnson
April 22, 2011

Depart from me, ye cursed, into everlasting fire prepared for the devil and his angels. Mt. 25:41 KJV

Time magazine featured a very disturbing article on its cover this week. A man named Rob Bell, who claims to be a preacher, has written a new book called “Love Wins.”

In this book, he denies that hell is real. He also believes in universal salvation that teaches all men will make it back to God and that Christ and His blood have nothing to do with the forgiveness of sin.

He has a congregation of 7,000 deceived people. All major cults deny the doctrine of hell. I will be the first to admit that sometimes hell in the scripture means the grave. It is also used to describe a place of eternal judgment for the lost man.

The text verse is from the very lips of divinity, the Lord Jesus Christ. In context, He is speaking to those Gentiles that survive the tribulation.

These are of course unsaved people who were left at the Rapture and now will be judged. This same judgment is from all unbelieving. We know from the rich man and Lazarus that the unsaved man goes to hell the moment he dies.

There is no such place as purgatory. It is heaven or hell.

Notice what Jesus said about hell. It is an everlasting fire. Hell is as eternal as heaven. The fire here is not a metaphor, but is literally fire.

Some say a loving God would not allow a person to go to hell and suffer forever.

Sin and depravity is why men go to hell and unless the blood of Christ is imputed on you, hell is your destiny. It was also prepared for the devil and his angels.

Can you imagine how awful a place must be to be created for Satan?

Oh sinner, look to the Lamb of God, who takes away sin. Amen!