The Rise and Fall of a Nation
Chad Johnson
September 6, 2011

“Righteousness exalteth a nation: but sin is a reproach to any people.” Proverbs 14:34 (KJV)

When we sit and think on the condition of our nation we must admit that we are in a sad state. There has never been a time when there is so much religious activity and so little true righteous living; even among professing Christians there is such a worldly spirit about them.

When a person goes into a public space you cannot tell the lost from the so-called saved. We can take a look in most churches at the Sunday morning service and you will see the same type of thing that you saw in the public place.

The women of the church will have on pants or slacks, which are still the attire of a man, the men will have on their shorts, be wearing jewelry, the preacher will be using a modern version of scripture that was translated from corrupt manuscripts and the youth are not even in the service.

God help us to see the need once again for righteousness to exalt our nation. As we think of great empires like the Roman Empire, we may wonder how they ever fell.

All great nations have fallen first from within. Sin is like a cancer, it destroys its host from the inside out. America is a great nation that was founded for religious freedom. God’s people wanted to worship God without the Church of England persecuting them.

So we see, America had a righteous beginning. We were exalted and blessed by God because of the righteousness that was promoted.

The word exalted means to rise, to be high, to set on high. America because of righteousness has seen prosperity both spiritual and physical unlike any nation in the world.

If we can trace our being exalted back to any one thing, it is righteousness. When our nation was founded, a home was one man one woman for life. Now we see divorce and remarriage which are both unscriptural acts running wild in our country. Can you imagine what our founding fathers would say if they saw us debate if two men or two women could be married?

We murder babies in the mother’s womb every day; where has righteousness gone?

The media and the worldly music have raped the minds of this generation and nobody knows that sin is anymore. Americans feel as a whole that they will never be brought down; some think our nation is indestructible.

If righteousness exalts, then sin must tear down.

America will not prove God wrong!

I know these sins have always been going on, but now we have even passed laws helping them and hurting righteous living. If God allows America to stand in her present condition, then He will have to apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah. The Bible says this wicked nation is an example to all who would afterwards live ungodly.

The sad thing of it all is the godly will suffer judgment just like the ungodly. So my prayer as a Christian, Preacher and father is in wrath, remember mercy. Oh, how we as individuals should repent and come back to God.

We could see a revival, but it will have to come from one repentant heart at a time.