The Seeking Savior
Chad Johnson
September 9, 2011

"For the son of man is come to seek and to save that which is lost." Luke 19:10 KJV

This verse comes right after the conversion of Zacchaeus. The account of his conversion is summed up in verse 10. Jesus Christ told His purpose for coming into the world.

It was not to do the will of Himself, but the will of the Father.

Christ did many miracles in his earthly ministry to show the power of God. However that was not His purpose for coming.

His purpose for coming was to seek and save that which was lost and to die on the cross to redeem His elect people.

The first thing I want to look at is the son of man is come. Israel was looking for a social and political messiah. The Lord Jesus Christ did not come in great and powerful mejesty as they thought He would. He condescended down and though there was no sin in Him, He did take on sinful flesh and was made in the likeness of men. Christ came through a lowly manger born to a poor carpenterís family. Christ did not come the first time to set up His kingdom.

Christ did come to seek and save the lost. The first verse of this chapter tells us that Christ passed through Jericho. This was not by chance, but divine design and purpose.

Christ knew Zaccheaus was there and He went to seek and to save him.

Zaccheaus was a tax collector and cheated people our of money. He had heard of Jesus and sought to see who He was.

Zacchaeus was a short man and because there was such a crowd of people, but Christ came seeking a particular sinner.

Christ came through the crowd to the tree and looked up and told him to come down. We know Christ sought this man and knew he would be saved that day.

Zaccaeus quickly, at the Lordís command, came down from the tree and received Jesus joyfully. The Lord saved him that day by His sovereign grace.

The change was so radical in the life of Zacchaeus. If any man be in Christ, he is a new creature.

We instantly see the fruit of repentence. It is seen in restoration.

When God saves a sinner, there is a desire to get things right with their fellow man as much as possible.

Christ came to seek and will save the lost that He chooses to.