Three Blessings From the Hand of the Father
Chad Johnson
March 19, 2010

“Thou hast granted me life and favor, and thy visitation hath preserved by spirit.” Job 10:12 KJV

Life is a very precious thing to receive from God. It is a miracle from God to be conceived into this world. Then to be carried in our mother’s womb for a period of time, then to grow up and pass through this life into old age is a blessing from God. If we think of the times death was so near us, yet God sent an angel to take charge over our ways we would surely know that life is from God. God has also granted us a good life. Though the times and seasons of our life change, our God who granted life never changes.

In our text, we also see that God has shown us favor. Favor is a divine gift bestowed upon us by our heavenly Father. Good health and a sound mind are a favor from God. Allowing us to hear the gospel and have a Bible, oh what rich blessings. The very invitation to approach the throne of grace is a divine favor from God. Who could number the favors that have come from the hand of our Father.

Lastly, we see in this verse a divine visitation form God. Oh how I remember the first visitation from God on my soul. The visitation of conviction of sin drawing me to God are my first memories of divine visitation. Then, not long after, the visitation of repentance and faith were divinely bestowed upon me. Since those days, we have been visited by God in many ways: restoration, reviving, peace and even chastisement. Oh the times that the joy of God floods our soul and we are allowed to lift our hands toward heaven and magnify the Lord.

This divine visitation has also preserved us. To be preserved means to be kept from utter ruin. Those of us who are saved are preserved now and throughout all eternity because he that began a good work in us will perform it until that day. Our souls should rejoice for life, favor, visitations and preservation of the saints. It is a blessing, indeed, to know that we are eternally secure in Him and will never see corruption because of His preserving power.