To Suffer As a Christian
Chad Johnson
March 4, 2011

Yet if any man suffers as a Christian, let him not be ashamed; but let him glorify God on this behalf. I Peter 4:19 KJV

This verse is to the world foolishness.

Most people do not associate Christianity with suffering. The Bible tells us that all that live godly shall suffer persecution.

The reason there is not much suffering among professed Christians today is there is not much godly living. Most people can tolerate religion, but old-time salvation will not be accepted. The word of God very plainly tells us that we are called to suffering.

We are called to repentance and faith by Godís grace. This is also true in our call to suffer. Our text verse tells us three things that I want to look at.

First, we are told if any man suffers as a Christian. The word Christian is used only three times in the Bible. It was given by the ungodly world to those who were Christ like. That is what the word means Ė Christ like.

We know from scripture how much our blessed Lord suffered. We as servants are not greater than our master. The suffering here mentioned is for living like Christ. The world hated Christ and it will hate true Christians also.

Secondly, we are told not to be ashamed. The word ashamed here means to have disgrace, or to be embarrassed. We are not to feel like we have sinned or are in the wrong when we suffer for our Christlikeness.

Lastly, we are told to glorify God for our suffering. This means we are to magnify and praise God that we are allowed to suffer the reproaches of Christ. Suffering is a part of true Christianity.