Walking in the Steps of Our Fathers
Chad Johnson
January 20, 2012

"And Solomon loved the Lord walking in the statutes of David his father." I Kings 3:3 KJV

One of the greatest responsibilites in all the world is that, of being a parent. It strikes fear in my hear when I realize how much my girls look at me and my life. We will not influence our children as much by what we say as how we walk. Our verse first tells us that Solomon loved the Lord. Solomon had been taught by David and Bathseba to love the Lord. We should strive as parents to teach our chilrdren to love the Lord. We can only do this by Keeping His commandments. Solomon, showed his love for God by walking in the statutes of David his father. The word statutes means custom on manner.

There would be no greater joy than God to save our children and they follow the Godly life that they saw first in us. The first glimpse of the Savior for our children should be seen in our lives. David did not always do right. The very way he obtained Bathsheba, Solomon's mother was ungdoly. God is a God of mercy and forgiveness. David repented before the Lord. Just as David we as parents will not always walk as we should. Even then we can be an example to our children in repenting and forsaking our sin. God help to remember the children are watching us.