What Does God Say About Dancing?
Chad Johnson
May 10, 2012

And David danced before the Lord with all his might. II Samuel 6:14 KJV

But when Herodís birthday was kept, the daughter of Herodias danced before them and pleased Herod. Matthew 14:6 KJV

There has been much talk lately in our county about the subject of pole dancing. Both sides of the issue are debating on what to do. I am heartbroken that such a thing has come to surface in our county.

When sin is so abundant, we must look beyond our thoughts and look at what thus saith God.

There are two types of dancing in the Bible. Our first verse is the account of the ark of the Lord being brought back to Israel. The ark of the Lord represented the glory and presence of God. It was very important to the people of God.

When David saw it come into the city, he danced before the Lord. This type of dancing consists of leaping, raising of the hand and shouting praises to God. Notice that Davidís dance was before the Lord. God was his audience.

The second type of dancing was the kind that a woman named Herodias taught her daughter to do. Her dancing was quite different from Davidís. She danced before them. Herodias was a very wicked woman. John the Baptist preached against her adultery with Herod. It made her so mad that she vowed to get even.

She took the opportunity at Herodís birthday. Herod was pleased at her daughterís dancing. He got so excited that he offered her half of his kingdom. Oh, how powerful is the eye gate and the sexual desire of man.

Dancing is a blight on society. It is almost time for the prom. What is the prom noted for? Drinking, fornication and wasting of the parentsí money.

I would guess that many people and preachers who oppose this permit for pole dancing allow their children and members of the church they pastor to go to the prom and not say anything about it. What hypocrites.

I want to thank Logan Chick for his decision. God bless you.

Also, many professed Christians watch Dancing With The Stars. God help you to see what wickedness is before your eyes.