What Does It Mean To Be a Christian?
Chad Johnson
June 18, 2010

"And the disciples were called Christians first in Antioch." Acts 11:26 KJV

The word Christian is only used three times in the Bible. The word Christian means Christ-like. They were first called Christians at Antioch. The disciples were not given this name by themselves, but by their enemies. Their enemies observed some things in their lives that identified them to be like Jesus Christ. We should never call ourselves Christians, but it should be something other people call us. When we tell people we belong to Christ, the good old Bible word "saved" will work best. A person can be saved and not be a Christian. When we drift and backslide, we are still saved, but not Christ-like.

So, what are some things that must be evident in our life to classify us as a Christian? Love for the brethren is the mark of a true Christian. Love does not mean we compromise or condone sin, but we do love each other in the Lord's Church.

Humility is another trait of a Christian. Christ humbled himself and was obedient unto death. Servanthood is a Christ-like characteristic. The Bible says Christ took upon himself the form of a servant. A servant is not in the limelight, but content being behind the scenes. A love for purity and holiness. Do you love godly things or do you have one foot in the church and one foot in the world. How long will you have two opinions. We cannot serve two masters. Christ gave to others when he himself was in need. Christ was hated by the religious world. If you stand for the true doctrines of the Bible you will be hated like Christ. I do not know why we think we will be loved by all men when our blessed Lord was hated.

The last Christ-like trait I will write about is lack of vengeance. When He was oppressed and afflicted yet He opened not His mouth. When Christ was hanging on the cross, He said Father, forgive them. He could have killed them and put them in hell.

Saved person, are you a Christian?