Why Did Saul Hate David?
Chad Johnson
August 13, 2010

"And Saul eyed David from that day and forward." I Samuel 18:9 KJV

This is one of the most sad stories in all of the Bible. Saul was first introduced to David when he asked for someone to play the harp. Saul would be troubled in his soul and the music from David's harp would calm him. Saul loved David like a son.

Saul had been rejected by God as King and David was chosen to be the next King. Saul loved David and when he slay Goliath he put him over the men of war. It is very clear that Saul had a mental problem as well as a spiritual problem. David was already playing the harp for him and when he came from killing Goliath, Saul did not even know who he was. Saul loved David until he saw him as a threat to his kingdom.

Jealousy is as cruel as the grave.

David wanted to serve God and at the right time take over the kingdom. When David came in from battle, the women began to praise him more than Saul. He could not take it. This was the natural process of God turning the hearts of the people of Israel to their new king. If Saul was right with God, he would have been glad for this. Saul tried to kill David many times. He gave his daughter unto David to be a snare unto him. Saul was desperately trying to destroy this young man because of the threat he was to his power.

David behaved himself wisely and withdrew himself from Saul. Saul would lose his mind at times. He told David in I Samuel 24:20 that sure he would be king and asked for mercy. Then in I Samuel 26:2 Saul was trying to kill him again. David kept a good distance from Saul. Saul eventually fell on his own sword. Saul may have been anointed as King, but he still was judged for his sin against God and David. You cannot treat the people of God wrong and get by. No matter what title or position you hold.