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Newspaper articles by Chad Johnson

June 22, 2012Has Sin Ruined America?
June 14, 2012Judge Not That Ye Be Not Judged
June 8, 2012Standing Alone
May 25, 2012The Fool
May 10, 2012What Does God Say About Dancing?
May 4, 2012The Humanity of Christ
April 19, 2012Grace Not Calvinism
March 30, 2012The Power of the Gospel
March 23, 2012It's Time to Wake Up
March 9, 2012Then and Now
March 2, 2012Has America Forgot God?
February 17, 2012Baptismal Regeneration: A Criminal Doctrine
February 10, 2012Why Do You Do What You Do?
January 27, 2012Thou Shalt Not Commit Adultery
January 20, 2012Walking in the Steps of Our Fathers
January 6, 2012Spiritual Circumcision
December 23, 2011Behold the Man
December 9, 2011Scarlet Sinners Made White as Snow
December 2, 2011An Unchanging God in a Changing World
November 25, 2011The Parallel Between Christianity and Capitalism
November 11, 2011Irresistible Grace
October 28, 2011The Suffering of a Christian
October 21, 2011The Works of the Holy Spirit, Part 2
October 7, 2011The Works of the Holy Spirit, Part 1
September 23, 2011Some Things We Have Lost Through the Generations
September 9, 2011The Seeking Savior
September 6, 2011The Rise and Fall of a Nation
August 19, 2011Exceeding Great and Precious Promises
August 5, 2011Reserved in Heaven
July 29, 2011Glorious Predestination
July 22, 2011The Suffering Substitute
July 15, 2011The Doctrine of Grace Versus the Doctrine of Baptismal Regeneration
June 24, 2011Our Seated High Priest
June 17, 2011God the Wonder Worker
June 10, 2011Jesus Christ and Political Correctness
June 3, 2011The Guilt and the Cleansing
May 28, 2011How Firm a Foundation
May 20, 2011Of No Reputation
May 13, 2011400 Years and Still Going Strong, a Brief History of the KJV 1611
April 29, 2011The Pillar and Ground of the Truth
April 22, 2011The Reality of Hell
April 15, 2011Biblical Church Growth
April 1, 2011When God Takes Away
March 25, 2011Christians Falling But Not Utterly Cast Down
March 18, 2011Taking Time to Meditate
March 11, 2011Why We Must Unload Our Bitterness
March 4, 2011To Suffer As a Christian
February 25, 2011The Time Has Come
February 18, 2011Casting All Our Care on Him
February 11, 2011Mankind's Universal Problem, Part 2
February 4, 2011Mankind's Universal Problem, Part 1
January 28, 2011The Importance of Right Doctrine
January 21, 2011The Gospel According to Satan
January 14, 2011The Church That Jesus Built
January 7, 2011Some Good Cheer for the New Year
December 17, 2010I Know My Redeemer Lives
December 10, 2010When I Am Overwhelmed
December 3, 2010What Are the Qualifications for the Office of Deacon?
November 19, 2010Throughly Washed
November 5, 2010What Does the Bible Say About Divorce?
October 29, 2010Turn Us, Return to Us, O God
October 15, 2010We Are Made Perfect Through Suffering
October 8, 2010It's Going Fast
September 24, 2010What Is the Price on the Word of God?
September 17, 2010His Loss Is Our Gain
September 10, 2010God's Word Preserved Through All Generations
September 3, 2010Give and It Shall Be Given
August 27, 2010The Travail of the New Birth
August 20, 2010A Call to Holiness
August 13, 2010Why Did Saul Hate David?
August 6, 2010Some Benefits I Do Not Want to Forget
July 30, 2010Why Are So Many Forsaking the Assembly?
July 23, 2010The Difference Between Leadership and Lordship
July 16, 2010What Does the Bible Say About Dancing?
June 18, 2010What Does It Mean To Be a Christian?
June 16, 2010Why the Blood of Christ is Precious
June 4, 2010The Only Thing Offensive in America is the Truth
May 21, 2010Why the Man of God Is Hated
May 14, 2010After This
April 23, 2010The Purest Kind of Faith
April 9, 2010Comfort From the Future
March 26, 2010Worship From a Broken Heart
March 19, 2010Three Blessings From the Hand of the Father
March 12, 2010Our Time Is in the Hands of God
March 5, 2010Questions from a Heavy Heart
February 26, 2010Consistent Job and the Baffled Enemy
January 29, 2010God's Proposition to Satan
January 22, 2010Given Unto Prayer
January 8, 2010The Eyes of the Lord
December 31, 2009It's About the Cross
December 18, 2009Hope in Christ
December 11, 2009Christian Modesty
November 27, 2009Our God We Praise Thee
November 20, 2009Fountains of Repentant Tears
November 13, 2009An Overview of Prophecy
November 6, 2009Till the Storm Passes Over
October 23, 2009The Myth of Baptismal Regeneration
October 16, 2009God's Care for His Flock
October 2, 2009The Goodness and Sorrow of God
September 11, 2009Death, Life and Pardon
September 4, 2009Light Afflictions
August 28, 2009The Final Perseverance of the Saints